The Sotto Voce – Episode 3

Enocke Green, the runaway boy was somewhere in the house, but the three girls. Temperance, Antigone, and Masie were calming in the temporary safety of the dark stairwell, lit only by matchlight.

Temperance and Antigone couldn’t hear the house scream, but helped Masie limp along to compensate for her vertigo.

Three monstrous trucks drove around the pond edge to the end of the road in front of the Park Row mansions. Trailing a short distance behind was an old carriage carrying four old, bent men wiping the condensation from the windows so they could see. The trucks arrived, the first carrying a crew of heavy laborers that had agreed to triple wage for an intense overnight shift, to quickly make work of demolishing the old Maestro’s house, The Sotto Voce. The second held something under heavy rain cover and the third truck had a load of tethered barrels.

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